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Aussie sickos Blood Duster reclaimed their place as the reigning kings of grind extremity with the inappropriately titled 'Cunt.' Feel the wrath of the 'pyschorockmenstrualgrindporn' assault. GETOFFYOURBIGFATASSANDJOINTHEHIPPIEKILLTEAM!


released April 29, 2008

Relapse Records



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Blood Duster Melbourne, Australia

Blood Duster, named after a John Zorn song, was formed in Glenroy, Victoria, in 1991. After several demos and a shifting lineup, the band recorded "Fisting the Dead", a 25 song grindcore EP which spread their name.

Much controversy has surrounded them over the years due to the offensive nature of their songs. They have 7 full length albums & 5 EPs in total, all of which have varying sounds.
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Track Name: We Are the Word Police
Cunt I think is fine
It is my favorite line
We spent our time saying cunt
And finding words that rhyme
Swearing all the time
And finding words that rhyme
I love to shout and scream
Mostly the obscene
I love to swear and spit and cuss
And cause a nasty scene
Track Name: Porn Store Stiffi
I'm catching the bus
To go down to my favorite place
It's not the nicest,
But it's where I like to show my face
I like them porn stores
There's nudes and it's all free
I like to wander 'round,
Rubbing my stiffie.

I may be standing there and a mag will take my fancy,
I will rub myself to cum still,
It's quite relaxing

I'll cum on you
Track Name: I Just Finished Sucking Off Metal Heads In the Mens Urinals
I have been in the urinals all night
Sucking off metal-heads is such a delight
I love to taste the sperm running down ma neck
Just before I go onstage
It's better than a Becks
Track Name: Hoochie Mumma
I feel like your hoochie mumma
Under the covers
You taste so sweet, you like my meat - ah
Stoke the fi - ah
Face the facts you want me bad - ah
Like your moth - ah
Feel my girth and look in wonder
I'm a fuck machine like no other

The desire
To try her
Before you buy her
To try her
Before You

I feel like your hoochie mumma
Under the covers
You taste so sweet, you like my meat - ah
Stoke the fi - ah

The desire
To try her
Before you buy her
The Desire
To try her
Before You... buy her
The desire
To try her
Before you buy her
Track Name: A Track Suits Not Appropriate Metal Apparel
It seems that the death of metal is close at hand
It gives me a chill unparalleled
What the fuck's track suit for???
A millions clones of Korn and Limp Bizkit
Are spreading through the land
What the fuck's track suit for???
Commercial sellout bandwagon whore
Track Name: The Corpse Song
The touch of your flesh fills me with pride
The pride that I dug you up after you had died
The smell of your flesh, rotting and so sweet
Is the aphrodisiac that I need for my meet
The sensual exploration if your body so fine
The smell of your remains mixes wll over time
I feel the need to love you it's just something unexplained
When I tell my friends about my lust they tell me I'm insane
I want to fuck a corpse
Hey there mum it's your favorite son
Come and have a look what your little boy's done
Did it for you cos' I love you so much
Watch me put my pee-pee in your dorty ol' guts
Yeah! Alright yeah...... baby
Track Name: Fuck You Scene Boy
So fucking sick
Of sucking dick
Hanging off my nut
I don't give a fuck
You live or die
I'm not gonna cry
Or waste my time
Listen to you whine
So stick your scene
And your righteous dramas
Ram it up your cunt
You fucking little p.c. runt!!!
Track Name: Don't Call Me Homeboy Ya' Cunt
I ain't no fuckin' hood
Don't call me brother
Cos that ain't no good
And got homies to call my own
Ain't got no gun
And I live at home
Don't call me home boy
I wear sharp threads
That much is true
And I can't rap and neither can you
I'm not down or fly or dope
But I play metal and swing a rope
Don't call me home boy
Track Name: Spefeven
This song is to a count of seven
That's the way the lyrics fit what rhymes?
Oh it's heaven
Writing lyrics is boring I'm gonna say eleven
I'm running out of shit to rhyme make up a word spefeven